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28. března 2009 v 19:20 | nikishka |  @ THE RASMUS
tak konečně přeložený...udělala sem pár změn a ještě asi udělám aby to bylo trochu i dýkově stený ty řádky ae zatim teda takhle...

My sweet dream

you're my sweet dream
which I don't wanna give up
but why you can't be a nightmare
it should be the reason to hate you
but now I can just love you

confusing and making me believe it
why I'm actually doing it
needlessly and without meaning
I'm just faling down more and more
dreams and notions
for what I have it?
'cause when I open my eyes
evething is gone


sadness and tears
that all for that lie
I wanna forget
live normal life
find a boyfriend
and be happy
but at the same time I don't
I want just you

I'm drowning in the lie
and nobody helps me
the real help is you
but you don't know about me
I'm drowning on and thinking
if I'll ever find someone
who will take your place
and breathe air into my lungs


go away!
I don't wanna see you anymore
I don't wanna hear you, no more
no, wait!
hey, don't leave me
I can't live without you
what am I supposed to do?
help me

why are you so tormenting me
those milions of thoughts and tears
isn't it still enough for you?
you still don't believe me
or you don't want to?
tell me and don't torture me
what do I have to do?
ask for whatever


I wanna die
rather this than just dream about you
and when I'll be an angel
I'll protect you
I'll wait for you
save a seat for you
I'll be waiting and hoping
that you'll notice me

train arrived quickly
reliable link
now I'm thinking
I'm happy
saying adieu my body
it's an unusual feeling
I see the light at last
goodbye my love...

pls don't copy

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1 wampire from hell wampire from hell | Web | 1. dubna 2009 v 16:46 | Reagovat

pošli laurimu xD

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